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About Us

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We are The One True Soap, a small family-owned business located in Acworth, Georgia. We make soap with gentle skin and environment-friendly ingredients.


This is how it all started…

The One True Soap started in the fall of 2019 when my husband was researching for a solution for our family's sensitive skin. He wanted to make real soap from scratch. After careful studying, understanding the chemistry behind it and trying different formulas, we made our first batch of funny-looking, awesome-smelling bars.


At the beginning of 2020, we found ourselves, along with the rest of the world, in the middle of a pandemic. As a network engineer, my husband was able to work remotely, but as a real estate agent, I couldn't do the same, and eventually had to stop working. With time in my hands, I went back to our soap-making project and continued perfecting our recipe: the one true soap recipe that, today, is the base for most of our soaps. 


The results I saw on my daughters and myself, the delicious scents, natural additives, and the unlimited possibilities when working with all these ingredients made me fall in love with soap making and before I knew it, I was making soap for friends and family.


I wanted everyone else to try it and experience its benefits. Helping people take a more natural approach to do something so simple as taking a shower with real soap and at the same time eliminating all synthetic chemicals found in the commercial counterpart.

The One True Soap Company was born.


Rocio Becerra


The One True Soap-Handcrafted Soap-Small Batches-Palm Oil Free

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